So, where do you start your search for the elusive SD/SB Realtionship?

I myself started on Craigs List ( but found that most ads were not presented with much truth as well as many ads get flagged as CL does not approve of these type of relationships, apparently. Would not be my first choice to search for a SD or SB

I have been a member of the following sites and of the three I am posting here I have found the #1 site for good quality people is my #1 pick. All of these are fee based. I suggest that you be upfront and honest as an open line of communication with a clear intention will help you find the right person for you. Yes you will meet several that are not worth pursuing ,but that is “dating” , in any “situation”

1) Seeking Arrangements  …  2)  …    3)

What I have found on all of these sites that the women mostly are looking for money in return for sexual favors, yet a true SD/SB relationship is not about sex for money. Here is the right definition of this type of “arrangement”:

“A wealthy man of any (legal!) age who is who is looking for a casual and on-going arrangement with a woman who enjoys the finer things in life and will lavish her with generous gifts to show his appreciation for her and their time together”

“The sugar daddy meaning is different for each couple because the type of relationship varies. Sure, you may be after the stereotypical gorgeous college girl spending time with an old millionaire to put herself through school or you may simply be a woman who enjoys the finer things that life has to offer but needs some help affording them. You may be willing to enjoy a sexual relationship with your sugar daddy or perhaps just be looking to accompany a rich gentleman to functions and be his arm candy. In the end, if it works for you both then the sugar daddy definition is what you make it.”

Wishing you much success in your search.

Have fun, be kind, and be courteous as it is much more than an exchange of money and gifts for affection and companionship…make this a rewarding “relationship” and you will be rewarded accordingly








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